Customer Support Team

Rest assured with our knowledgeable online customer support team that will help to answer all of your customer’s queries.

Telemarketing Support

Helps you to convert leads to sales and provide after sales support to your newly acquired customers.

Our telemarketing support that we provide for only our franchisees will specialise in these 3 areas listed below:

Cold Calling

Our Telemarketing services will include cold calling potential customers for lead generation. Our professional team of cold callers can successfully achieve better sales conversions by developing the right approaches to phone call selling.

However, if hard selling via cold calling isn’t the route you want to take, we will focus on relationship building and business development instead that will jump-start your sales strategy and create long-term relationshipsthat will grow your business further.

Appointment Setting

An appointment setting outbound solution is necessary if you want to reach out to potential leads without neglecting the core competencies of your business. Our team of experts will help you to reach out to your potential clients to save time and effort on your part so you can have more time for other important matters.

Appointments can be made in any form you prefer, be it a face-to-face meeting, teleconferencing, or virtual meetings through Skype, Zoom, and other online communication tools.

This will broaden your customer base, increase conversion rate, and boost your sales in a professional, ethical, and cost-effective manner.

Customer Support

Lastly, we provide after sales customer support for our franchisees. Our high level of customer service will result in high customer satisfaction, which our franchisees will benefit from.

Increase in sales, customer loyalty and an enhanced public image will give our franchisees confidence in our team that we will deliver and care for their customers as our own.

Therefore, with our telemarketing services, you can rest assured that your customers are taken care of so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. Through our customer support team, a high level of customer satisfaction can be achieved resulting in repeat purchases thus more sales for you.

Work with a Team of Talented Telemarketing Specialists

These telemarketers have the experience and backbone to generate new leads for your business. Training is provided for new telemarketers to learn how to deal with potential clients and generate sales for you.